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Blauer is the fashion brand that treasures and renews the tradition of American outerwear.
Founded in Boston in 1936 to supply the police, the navy and other armed forces with technical clothing, today Blauer reinterprets the concept of uniform for independent and cosmopolitan men and women who are sensitive to quality, authenticity and performing materials.
Founded in Boston by Louis Blauer in 1936, the company started producing its own garments in the fifties. The light grey waterproof jacket it developed was soon adopted by the army, the marines and the air force.
Research into materials, solutions and cuts for garments for both men and women led the firm to become universally recognized as the best manufacturer of uniforms for public services. It retains this position of leadership today.
In 2001, the Italian fashion holding company FGF Industry signed a licensing agreement with Blauer to introduce the brand onto the fashion market.
In 2017, FGF acquired 50% of the brand.

Uncompromising performance

Our shield is a mark of quality that identifies and certifies Blauer USA garments.
It speaks of our American heritage and our values, summed up in the motto “Uncompromising Performance”.

Our values

American heritage, military inspiration and product performance are the cornerstones of Blauer’s character and unique market positioning.
Blauer USA has a one hundred year long tradition steeped in the American lifestyle – life, freedom, the pursuit of happiness.
It brings with it a a one hundred year-long tradition of American style American style – life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness – and those all- American things that will never change: from Utah’s canyons to New York’s diners, from cattle fairs to Chicago’s jazz clubs.


Blauer USA is true to its nature.
Honest and optimistic like the citizens of America, the brand’s authenticity is expressed in its motto, “Uncompromising Performance”, and in unfussy garments in which every detail has a purpose and a function.


Blauer USA’s garments consistently meet the highest standards
in terms of materials and processes, style and detail. They are the result of the combination of American pragmatism, Italian creativity, and an obsession with performance that has always been the brand’s trademark.


Blauer USA embodies the altruistic and adventurous spirit of the American armed forces,
long admired as examples of integrity and indomitable spirit by the citizens of America. The thirst for discovery translates into a quest for products that break ground in terms of design and technical solutions.


Powerful, resilient, hard as nails.
Just like the soldiers and police officers who have worn its clothing for decades, the Blauer USA brand itself has a tough hide and is not easily deterred. This attitude translates into a series of garments made in robust materials which protect the wearer and withstand the passing of time.


Curious by nature, Blauer USA embraces an urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle
that is open to new ideas, trends and influences. These inspirations feed into collections that are true to the brand’s DNA and meet the expectations of a sophisticated and contemporary customer base.