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Humane Restraints Safety and Protective Products for Medical, Justice, Correctional and Law Enforcement organisations.
Correctional Facilities use Humane Restraint locking restraint systems in many international facilities, both the bed restraint systems and ambulatory restraints. The correctional field also uses the restraint chair, restraint bed, restraint board, suicide smock, blankets and protective helmets plus more.
Humane Restraint provides restraining devices for Police and EMS services. Police and EMS Services use a variety of Humane Restraint products such as the nylon control strap which is used to restraint movement of the legs during transport. Humane Restraint’s transport belts can be used with handcuffs for greater control over a subject.
Humane Restraint provides restraining devices for Court Security. Court Security has been improved with use of leg restraints such the unique transport leg brace. This can be worn over clothing or under a pant leg for a discrete restraint. The transport leg weight is another restraint that can be discrete yet results in secured control.