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Safe guarding travel and trade

Leidos is making travel and trade safer, healthier, and more efficient through fully integrated global security technologies. Our comprehensive security detection portfolio has more than 24,000 products deployed across 120 countries. We deliver security systems that are:


Rapid screening of people, baggage, and cargo with real-time threat detection


The highest level of threat detection while maintaining a seamless screening experience

Fully integrated

Leading screening technologies, AI/ML capabilities, and advanced biometric tools that deliver holistic security detection solutions

Rapidly develop and deliver new products and technologies

Leveraging this comprehensive portfolio, our core technical strengths, and robust R&D initiatives, we help customers around the globe address emerging and evolving threats.

By combining human and machine intelligence, we help our customers introduce unpredictability for technological advantage over adversaries.

Organized for innovation, we invest in the people, process, and technologies that differentiate our performance on mission-critical programs.