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Place an iodine pill in the aLOKSAK Use as an emergency water container
Full use of touch screen electronics – We carry bags sizes for most electronic devices
Certified waterproof to 60 meters/200 feet for periods of over 2 weeks, by SCUBA Schools International
Pack liquids in aLOKSAK bags
Tobacco Storage and Cigar Humidors
Medical supplies require State of the Art protection
Store opened crackers and chips to prevent food from becoming stale
Keep freezer burn at bay
The best ice pack ever!
Place food in an aLOKSAK and then into a cooler. Melting ice will do no damage
Store precious metals/ silver will not tarnish
Wet wipes stay wet
Avoid damage to photos, paper clippings, collectables, and documents
Store Steel Wool. No oxidation!
Blow up and use as a pillow
Short Term HazMet storage


The same claims and hermetic seal used on our aLOKSAK
Pack out body waste undetected
Block food odors and keep unwanted intruders from your food supply
Store opened crackers and chips to prevent them from becoming stale
Great for cheese storage, no hard yellowing edges
Rehydrate food in the OPSAK by adding boiling water
Great anaerobic chambers for a fraction of the price


Prevent Hacking
Prevent Tracking
Prevent Scanning
Prevent Eavesdropping
Prevent Private Images from going viral
Travel Safe
Need we say more!