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Apstec Systems

Apstec has developed the Human Security RadarTM (HSR) which is a fully automatic walk-through system that screens people in real time for hidden explosive threats and firearms.

After many years of fundamental research in radiophysics, electronics and software engineering, Apstec have built a technology that is able to identify people carrying concealed threats and which genuinely fills a massive capability gap.

  • - HSR is a quantum leap in capability and meets a need where no other technology currently exists.
  • - There is no requirement for any special preparation of those passing through the system or for any divestment.
  • - HSR scans several people at the same time and can achieve throughputs of up to 10 thousand people an hour.
  • - It detects threats on the body, in backpacks and luggage.
  • - HSR requires no specially trained operator and therefore has very low operating costs.
  • - Automated Threat Detection. No Operator Needed. **Automatic weapon detection is under development.
  • - Real-time walk-through free flow system. Allows the unimpeded flow of crowds between scanning pillars.
  • - Inspects several persons at a time without the need for any queueing or divestment. Able to pick up and detect a number of threat objects per person.
  • - Reveals explosive devices hidden on the body under clothing or in a backpack. **Wheeled luggage scanning is under development
  • - Ready to work with a third party video tracking and image processing systems. Networking device. Easy to integrate with an established security infrastructure
  • - Exceptional detection accuracy and unmatched low false alarm rates. The level of false alarm rates allows the system to be used in mass transit scenarios.