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Darn Tough Vermont produces tactical socks for the US military as well as Federal Law Enforcement units.

All four US services recognize the advantages of wool and issue Darn Tough Vermont Merino wool socks to their personnel. In particular, the US Army’s Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE) relies on a Darn Tough Vermont sock to provide no melt, no drip protection in a wide variety of conditions.

Thanks to their inclusion in the US Army's FREE (Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble) clothing system, Darn Tough Vermont's 14021 Merino Wool Boot Sock Cushion has been awarded the designation of U.S. Army Team Soldier Certified Gear by PEO Soldier making it the only sock with this distinction. The Berry Compliant 14021 Boot Sock is made with Merino wool, a naturally flame resistant material that regulates the Soldier's temperature in any environment.