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REI (Research Electronics International) specialises in the design and manufacture of electronic test equipment for security applications.

The company was founded in 1983 in Cookeville, Tennessee, U.S.A. and is owned by Bruce Barsumian (founder) and Tom Jones. REI customers include government agencies, law enforcement organizations, corporate security personnel, and TSCM professionals worldwide that have a need and responsibility to protect sensitive information.
REI customers come from all around the world and from a multitude of different backgrounds. From the self-employed private investigator to the head of corporate security to the chief of police to the individuals responsible for keeping an entire country secure, REI is familiar with the unique challenges faced by those in the technical security field. With geographically-assigned sales staff and an extensive network of resellers across the globe, customers are assisted by individuals familiar with their needs and locale. We will work with you to identify the appropriate counter surveillance tools for your situation. It is the goal of REI to provide the highest quality equipment and service to aid in the protection of your sensitive information.
For over thirty years, REI has been manufacturing its entire product line in-house. A team of individuals work together, each an expert on the component for which they are responsible, to hand-craft every product. REI sees, touches, and tests each product before it is shipped out. With complete control over the manufacturing process, customers never have to be concerned with whether a third-party company is dedicated to the quality of the products. Products are not batch manufactured just to sit on a shelf. Low volumes are maintained to allow for adaptability to change. The engineering and production departments work in tandem, making software and hardware that are specifically designed for each other. From beginning to end, REI knows that each element is going to work together seamlessly. Each time a customer places an order with REI they can be confident that it meets the highest standards.