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With production facilities and head office in Athens, as well as offices in Arlington, Kempen, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Singapore, and co-production facilities in Middle and Far East, THEON SENSORS is today one of the Market Leaders in man portable Night Vision and Thermal Systems for military and security applications.

Set up in 1997, THEON SENSORS has grown from a supplier to its domestic market in Greece to one of the leading global players, with more than 100,000 of its systems in use in more than 55 counties worldwide, and a de facto best-in-class designation from the US Department of Defense (DoD). About 90% of its business activity is export-oriented. The manufacturing facilities and the company personnel have NATO security clearance for defense related projects. THEON SENSORS owns all of its technologies and thus is in full control of the complete design, testing and manufacturing process.

Before their entry onto the market, all THEON SENSORS’ systems undergo rigorous testing following military standard procedures, with the highest quality assurance and control criteria. Their high-tech features, workmanship and quality satisfy the demanding end-users of the 5Eyes countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA).


From its first international contract award in 2004 for the supply of night driver viewers to the Australian Armed Forces, many export contracts followed in European countries, such as the Swedish Armed Forces, The Netherlands, Denmark, while entering in co-production partnerships in various Asian countries. In 2013, THEON SENSORS launched the NYX night vision binocular in response to the apparent global trend of many end users to switch from monocular or bi-ocular to binocular systems. After a series of smaller contracts, THEON SENSORS continued its success with two breakthrough contracts for the NYX for the German Army and the German Special Forces KSK.

In cooperation with the KSK, the NYX binocular underwent an 18 month acceptance test period during which the system was tested in artic, desert and jungle environments. The resulting modifications and upgrades produced an upgraded NYX providing outstanding optical performance at low weight without compromise to the system’s robustness or ergonomics.


THEON SENSORS continued its international success with contracts in Poland, Latvia, Portugal and Austria and German Armed Forces while THEON SENSORS’ partner SAFRAN-Vectronix received contracts award from the Swiss Army for the supply of THEON’s night vision binoculars.


In mid-2019, THEON SENSORS celebrated a major breakthrough, where through its US local partner accomplished an export contract for the Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggle (SBNVG) program of the US Marine Corps. THEON SENSORS’ US partner awarded a five-year contract to supply THEONs NYX system – designated as F5032 and manufactured in USA – to the US Marine Corps. The contract is expected to result in delivery of more than 14,000 systems up to September 2024.

The above export successes confirm the dominant market of THEON SENSORS in Europe and international arena and demonstrate its potential to export high-tech products for the armed forces of the most powerful countries of the world.


What is so special about THEON SENSORS’ products?


THEON SENSORS is constantly improving the quality and cost-wise of its products for the benefit of all military and law enforcement customers. 

“We have major contracts in the US night vision market. We are working in Europe with two of the largest aerospace and defense companies. With one of them, we recently won the largest EU night vision tender. Now we start in New Zealand where we work with Tactical Solutions.  The long-term investment in building up industrial cooperation true partnerships around the world has started paying off. We do not just seek to export, we promote local industrial cooperation, transferring technology and know-how”, explained Mr. Philippe Mennicken, Business Development Director, THEON SENSORS.

The company is continuously investing in the field of R&D. “We have increased the number of our engineers, we have expanded the design of new products in new categories, such as night vision optronics in the civil sector, thermal products for fire safety systems, while emphasizing on new larger platforms and the interconnectivity of these products”.


THEON SENSORS in New Zealand

Tactical Solutions, supplier of the New Zealand Defence Force since 1999, is working closely with THEON SENSORS in the promotion and after-sales support to the NZDF. Tactical Solutions offer a full-service center, offices, and showroom in Wellington, next to the Trentham Military Camp with additional offices, service center, and showroom in Auckland.