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Zepcam is a professional end-to-end mobile video platform for bodycams, vehicle cameras and wireless CCTV for mission-critical purposes requiring an integrated approach of surveillance software and hardware.
The in-house built software integrates seamlessly with Genetec Security Center, Milestone, Cisco VSOM, OnSSi/Seetec and several others.
With an extensive portfolio of body-worn cameras and mobile video systems in 40 different countries covering Police, Public Transport, Industry, Transport and Health they offer real-time GPS tracking as well as live streaming and monitoring from anywhere in the cloud.
Cameras can be securely accessed, in real-time, from any location for on-the-go monitoring and situational intelligence.
The systems use 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi for their live streaming units and an integrated docking system for their other products. They can be used for video evidence, reduction of aggression, lone worker situations, improving situational awareness and remote assistance of field engineers.
Mobile video systems can be deployed seamlessly, with minimal effort onto cars, vans, trucks, drones.
Recording, streaming, server storage and VMS connections use 256-bit encryption offering end-to-end security.