The new CEIA SMD600 Plus-MI2 Multi-Sensor Walk-Through Metal Detector


Introducing the new all-in-one Multi-Sensor Walk-Through Gate SMD600 Plus -MI2 from CEIA.

The new SMD600 Plus -MI2 combines the functionality of the CEIA SMD600 Plus, and the cellphone/smartphone detection and discrimination capabilities of the new CEIA MSD EVO™.

The SMD600 Plus – MI2TM is optimized for the screening of people in applications where simultaneous detection of all metal (magnetic and non-magnetic) firearms and cellphone/smartphone devices, including the most miniaturized, low metal content versions, is required along with high-throughput and a low nuisance alarm rate.

The SMD600 Plus is a very high performance enhanced metal detector with 288-channel, NIJ0601.02 fully compliant Walk-Through Metal Detector (WTMD).

On its own, the CEIA SMD600 Plus WTMD is already a complete and efficient solution for the high-sensitivity detection of any metal weapon and any cellphone/smartphone in applications, such as the correctional facilities, where the inmates to be inspected are metal-free or almost metal-free.

The cellphone/smartphone detection and discrimination capabilities of the new CEIA MSD EVO™, state-of-the-art magnetostatic 18-axes detector that provides unparalleled detection uniformity and immunity against interferences.

The new SMD600 Plus –MI2TM allows, in addition, the high-throughput inspection of visitors to correctional facilities or, in general, people in street clothes in a standard checkpoint divestiture situation where detection of assembled/disassembled firearms and standard & miniaturized cellphones/smartphones is required with low nuisance alarm rate.


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All-metal weapons (magnetic and non-magnetic, including light alloys) and all cellphones/ smartphones


  • Correctional facilities
  • Data-sensitive meeting rooms
  • Access restrictions enforcement of weapons, cell phones and smartphones
  • Loss prevention of electronics devices
  • Corporate anti-espionage


High throughput screening of people in street clothes,
Under standard checkpoint divestiture procedures


  • Visitors to correctional facilities
  • Access to data-sensitive meeting rooms
  • Access restrictions enforcement of weapons and cell phones
  • Loss prevention of electronic devices
  • Corporate anti-espionage

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