Tactical Solutions provide missing link at Australia-Pacific disaster preparedness conference


Tactical Solutions provide missing link at Australia-Pacific disaster preparedness conference

Published: July 10 2017 | Tactical Solutions

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand. The Australasia- Pacific Disaster Management, Recovery and Emergency Communications Forum, held last week, emphasised the need to have a powerful framework of pre-disaster planning to “Building back the Nation’s Resilience to Natural Disaster” - Preparedness, Reduction, Readiness & Response, and Recovery.

As an industry leader in supplying disaster preparedness solutions, Tactical Solutions were exclusively invited to interact with leading key individuals in the Disaster Management sector.

The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the bulk of deaths from natural disasters in the last century, continuing to be the world’s most disaster-prone region in 2016 with combined economic losses exceeding $200 billion for the year.
Delegates were reminded of Havelock North’s contaminated water crisis;  the powerful ‘weatherbomb’ that hit New Zealand early this year, cutting off rural towns, flooding major roads, causing major power outage, landslips and summer snow; the 52,000 hectare fire that tore through New south Wales; and the earthquakes on the Pacific coast, to name a few.

To date there have been no solutions when it comes to one of the key survival elements of a crisis, drinkable water. Expensive, inadequate, traditional methods of water deployment and costly purification methods are the cornerstones that have been the missing link of effective disaster preparedness plans.

Tactical Solutions introduced LIFESAVER® to the delegates as a drinkable water deployment solution.
It uses no power, no chemicals, it has zero environmental impact and its failsafe technology filters out all viruses, bacteria, cysts and water borne pathogens.
There are four options in the range starting at the LIFESAVER® bottle that offers up to 6000L of filtered water and culminates in the LIFESAVER® C2 which filters up to 2 million litres of water at a cost of 3c per litre.

“Having a C2 unit as part of the load-out of every major national disaster responder, whether it be by land or sea, would go a long way to future proofing community resilience.” – delegate.

Tactical Solutions has almost 20 years of experience as a leading supplier of global defence and equipment and apparel to military, law enforcement, Corrections and government agencies.
As a trusted ambassador for leading international brands we are able to offer a wide range of security and detection equipment, disaster preparation products, apparel and training solutions throughout Australasia.