New Zealand Police Body Armour partnership announced


New Zealand Police Body Armour partnership announced

Published: January 31 2019 | Tactical Solutions

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush held a media briefing at the North Shore Police station today announcing the roll-out of new body armour for officers.
Cooneen Protection will be manufacturing and supplying the new gear.

Tactical Solutions will be running logistics, support, training and measuring and fitting of the new body armour. 
Tactical Solutions have been adviser and supplier to government, law enforcement, defence, correctional, security and EMS organisations in the Asia Pacific region for the last 20 years.

“I am appreciative to have such an exceptional team behind this project and look forward to our continued growing relationship with the New Zealand Police.” said Rob Hodge, owner of Tactical Solutions.
"We are proud to be equipping the force with some of the best defensive gear available. "Our teams have worked very closely with Police and have developed a product and roll-out plan that will see the full force having new armour within the next three years,” said Rob.

The new body armour system consists of a carrier, hard armour plates, soft armour panels, attachment pouches and a duty belt.
It is lighter and more comfortable than the previous armour and has room for multiple adjustable to get the most comfortable fit and protection from the system.

Tactical Solutions have professional measure and fit teams that will be travelling throughout New Zealand to individually fit each officer with their own system.
Each element of the process and system is tracked by an innovative asset management system that has been developed by Tactical Solutions.

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