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Experience is the best protection

Tactical Solutions was formed in 1999 to offer government, law enforcement, defence, correctional, security and EMS organisations convenient and knowledgeable access to the world’s best operational equipment.

Since then we have become the leading supplier of equipment and expertise to all of New Zealand’s government departments as well as securing significant purchasing contracts with private clients and government departments in Australia and the Pacific Islands. 

We are able to draw on environment-led expertise that has been informed by many years of physical deployment in diverse theatres, and as a consequence of this on-the-ground experience deliver cogent and proven solutions to our clients.

ADS Inc LogoTo fulfill these solutions we draw on our extensive product range available through our direct partnerships with manufacturers. In conjunction to this we also have access to over 3000+ manufacturers and suppliers with 50400+ products to choose from via our partnership with ADS Inc. ADS are globally one of the largest government procurement suppliers of defence, security and tactical requirements. They subsequently enhance our ability to provide the best and the latest.

We are proud of being an integral cog in the maintenance of public safety and take our responsibilities seriously, delivering solutions that represent the best available worldwide.

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