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Explosives & Narcotics

Cutting-edge technology can deliver fast and accurate identification of contraband

Explosives & Narcotics

Combatting the threat of concealed explosives and narcotics

The wide availability of materials for constructing home made explosives, and access to explosives manufacturing know-how on the Internet has dramatically increased at-risk environments. This has resulted in a requirement for advanced explosives detection systems at facilities beyond airports, and the technology developed to meet that challenge is also leading the fight against illegal narcotics.

MS Detection

Explosives detection systems


At Tactical Solutions we have spent many years creating a reputation for quality security & detection equipment.
We hold a world class portfolio of brands that are true market leaders in this category.

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Broad-spectrum contraband detection

Now a single system can successfully guard against the twin threats of explosives and narcotics.

Featured Product

MS Detection


The hand-held DuoScan by MS Detection can detect trace particle or vapour from explosives, improvised materials and narcotics in less than seven seconds thanks to its innovative nanotechnology sensors. The HF-QCM technology used by the DuoScan is non-radioactive and the handy ruggedized design is easy for operators to use, keeping bags and people moving



Tactical Solutions have spent many years creating a reputation for supplying quality security & detection equipment. We hold a world class stable of brands that are true market leaders within this category.

  • L-3 MV3D Explosives Detection System

    L-3 MV3D Explosives Detection SystemThe MV3D from L-3 Security and Detection Systems offers superior explosives threat and detection capabilities.

    It has been designed to deliver high performance without the use of a rotating gantry, and instead utilises a series of fixed X-ray sources and multiple detector arrays to create high-resolution 2-D and 3-D images.

    MV3D has been designed to seamlessly integrate with an airport’s baggage handling system with dieback tolerant technology that allows bags to be stopped in the scan plane for short periods and still allow analysis of further bags to proceed without holdups.

    • TSA certified
    • EU Standard 3 CEP approved
    • Scans up to 1,800 bags an hour
    • Large rectangular tunnel – 102cm x 81cm
    • Dual-energy CT
    • Best-in-class imaging and detection
  • Implant Sciences QS-B220

    L-3 Explosives Trace Detection UnitThe QS-B220 provides fast, accurate detection of trace amounts of a wide variety of military, commercial, homemade explosives, and drugs, with unsurpassed ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements. Incorporating Implant Sciences’ patented non-radioactive Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) analysis technology, the QS-B220 brings new levels of performance and convenience to desktop trace detection users.

    • inCal automatic calibration
    • Photonic (non-radioactive) ionization
    • Easy-to-use touchscreen user interface
    • Low maintenance design delivers low total cost of ownership
    • Full range of detectable substances with user-expandable threat library


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