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Training Equipment

We offer a large selection of training aids to up-skill staff in a safe manner

Training Equipment

Specialist training equipment to safely simulate real-world scenarios

Tactical training has become an increasingly important component of military and government operations. As the complexity of terrorist threats and other security risks continues to increase, organisations are having to find new ways to prepare staff for the real-life scenarios they may face in their line of work. Specialised tactical training gear can bridge the gap between theoretical planning and reality by providing operators with physical simulations that accurately mirror actual events on the ground.

At Tactical Solutions we offer a wide range of training equipment to help you achieve your desired training outcomes.

Our most popular tactical training equipment

Blue Guns

Train Safe. Train Smart.

Operators in the government sector must stay up-to-date with their weapons training, as it is a vital part of their job.

To help them keep accurate and effective firearms training, Blue Guns provide a versatile solution for those wishing to gain proficiency in the operation of various firearms.

Not only does this system give practical experience but it also allows trainees to practice with equipment that is an exact replica of the real platform without firing live rounds at a designated range or simulated environment.

Through utilization of these state-of-the-art trainers, operators can further build confidence while obtaining tangible results when it comes to efficient weapon handling.

We offer a comprehensive catalogue of Blue Gun training systems.


See a part of the catalogue <here>.

Contact us if you are looking to procure specific platform systems

UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions)

…as real as it gets…

Use the most advanced training munitions on the market with Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) – designed specifically for government operators.

UTM harnesses the most advanced advancements in powderless munitions technology, providing you with realistic training experience without any of the risks associated with live fire exercises.

With its stabilised round trajectory, easy handling, and simpler loading & unloading processes, UTM is prime choice for professionals who want reliable performance backed by thorough research and precision engineering.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your simulators or reduce unnecessary safety concerns during small arms training, then contact us about this innovative approach to weaponry training tech.

ASP Training Gear

Protecting those who protect.

ASP training systems include Red Guns, purpose-designed handcuffs, batons, and more.

Their gear reflects their heritage of world-class practical training and commitment to officer safety.

Training Restraints feature the exact same design, materials, and construction as ASP’s issued Cuffs, but with a special lock set that disengages when subjected to back pressure—so the cuffs open with just a roll of the training subject’s wrists.

This facilitates 100% “real-world” training, with the added speed, safety, and efficiency of keyless release (key is only required if cuffs are double locked).

See a part of the ASP restraints catalogue <here>.

See a part of the ASP red guns catalogue <here>.

Contact us if you are looking to procure specific platform systems

The most realistic safe training platforms to simulate real-world scenarios

As close to the real thing...


Tactical Solutions have spent many years creating a reputation for supplying quality security & detection equipment. We hold a world class stable of brands that are true market leaders within this category.


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