Tactical Solutions

Law Enforcement

Deployment at the sharp end of law enforcement has provided us with a genuine affinity for the requirements of the officer on the ground.

So it’s not surprising that our client list extends beyond government departments and includes individuals who want specialist items. World-leading brands such as 5.11 and Surefire are acknowledged as delivering superbly engineered products, and consequently enjoy a loyal following among officers who demand equipment that’s best of breed. Similarly, Hatch and Turtleskin are standout performers in the development of cut-resistant and needle-proof gloves.
These specialist items illustrate a requirement for on-the-ground protection that meets highest expectations, and as the go-to provider of this level of confidence we see ourselves as uniquely placed to deliver insightful advice to procurement officers at the department level.
Our extensive contacts with manufacturers who have developed equipment to meet the expectations of law enforcement bodies in the USA, which is probably the most demanding theatre in the world, ensures that individual officers and the departments that employ them will always have access to equipment and protection systems that meet expectation.

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