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We have partnered with AVRT (Adaptive Virtual Reality Training) who have a platform that provides organisations with the ability to train communication and judgement skills in a virtual reality environment. This is done through simulated scenarios that would otherwise be logistically challenging or cost prohibitive to recreate.

The AVRT platform has been developed with feedback from over 80% of UK Police forces and is now available for National Decision Model (NDM) scenario, judgement, less-lethal and firearms training simulations. The use of virtual reality allows organisations to provide training that is realistic, yet safe and cost-effective. This makes the AVRT platform an essential tool for any organisation looking to improve communication and judgement skills.

The national decision model (NDM) is suitable for all decisions and should be used by everyone in policing. It can be applied: to spontaneous incidents or planned operationsby an individual or team of people.

The AVRT virtual reality training platform is a cutting edge system designed to provide emergency services, military and high-risk operatives with immersive and realistic training scenarios. The system has been developed based on feedback from over 3000 military and law enforcement personnel, and features real-world weapons and objects, detailed environments and an extensive library of characters, weapons and situations.

The VR system offers a truly unique training experience that can help prepare emergency responders for a variety of potential situations.


Advanced Virtual Reality Training


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To date, this level of advanced, Customisable training has been impossible. Until now.

The AVRT platform has been developed with feedback from over 80% of UK Police forces

AVRT Law Enforcement

Featured Product

Virtual Reality Police Training

VR Training for all Law Enforcement interactions, up to and including the deployment of lethal and less-lethal force. Removing approximation from scenario-based training.

Nowadays, virtual reality training is becoming more and more popular in a variety of industries – and law enforcement is no exception. A virtual reality (VR) system can recreate high-stress situations that officers might encounter on the job, allowing them to practice how to respond in a safe and controlled environment.

VR training can also be customized to each individual’s needs, providing a more personal and effective learning experience. In addition, VR systems can be used to create virtual environments that are not possible to recreate in real life – such as disaster zones or active war zones.

As VR technology continues to evolve, it is likely that virtual reality training will become an essential part of law enforcement training programs.

AVRT Military

Featured Product

Virtual Reality Military Training

Removing approximation from military combat training. VR training for Soldiers to train as they fight.

Virtual reality training is becoming an increasingly popular tool for the military. VR systems allow soldiers to be placed in realistic, virtual environments where they can rehearse missions and gain experience in a safe and controlled setting.

The use of VR can help to reduce the risk of injury or death during real-world operations. In addition, virtual reality training can provide soldiers with a higher level of immersion and realism than traditional training methods. As a result, VR is becoming an essential part of military training programs.


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