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District Health Boards

It’s an unfortunate reality that security has to be a consideration of many health providers, and providing that protection for staff and patients in a way that’s appropriate and considered depends on having access to the correct equipment and systems.
With our experience servicing the security requirements of a wide array of government departments, we’ve been able to identify a catalogue of products that deliver proven benefits in hospital and clinic environments, and in the process gained significant experience in the tiered approach to security that most deployments entail.
From security identifiers and access controllers such as IDs and keychain lanyards, through to flashlights, needle-proof gloves and even body armour for the security team, we can supply it all. Order a one-off item for a particular requirement, or purchase in bulk for a whole department, we are the supply partner that fits the bill, we can even embroider the uniforms.
Humane Restraint is one of the USA’s leading developers and manufacturers of restraints for ‘at risk’ patients, with a catalogue of products servicing ambulatory, transboard, bed and wheelchair requirements.
Humane Restraint also has a full range of protective equipment where self-harm is a concern, with hand mitts, jackets and helmets.
The full HR range is extensive, and it is recommended that you contact us to discuss any particular requirements.

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