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Tactical Solutions have partnered with CEIA to offer you specialised high-performance Electromagnetic Inspection Systems.

CEIA’s metal detection and ferromagnetic detection capabilities are ideal for the MRI healthcare facilities and offer the ability to automatically filter and suppress alarms for non-threat items which eliminates false alarm fatigue and guesswork, while still providing the required threat detection capabilities. This makes CEIA an essential tool for ensuring the safety of patients and staff in MRI healthcare environments.

Our offerings include Dual sensing Hand-held Patient Screeners which are detectors used to pinpoint ferromagnetic materials that could be dangerous in the MRI environment. These detectors are important tools for ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare facilities. They help to ensure that procedures are performed safely and that potential dangers are identified and avoided.

Ferromagnetic Detectors

Ferromagnetic metals have a high sensitivity to field interaction and can pose serious risks when present around MRI scanners and can become so substantial as to be unstoppable by human effort.

Our portfolio of ferromagnetic detection technologies make it easy to avoid dangerous interactions in your MRI facility by detecting any objects that have a ferromagnetic signature before people reach the MRI facility.

We offer highly sensitive ferromagnetic metal detectors that are ready to use, require no installation, and come in a one-piece and lightweight design. extremely durable and reliable

Through proper handling and proper use of metal detection technologies, we can ensure the safety of everyone who interacts with MRI machines.

Hand Held Patient Screeners

Ferromagnetic materials can cause serious problems during an MRI scan, so it is essential that they are removed from the patient before the scan begins.

Our portfolio of Dual sensing Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detectors can be used to quickly and easily identify the presence of Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Ferromagnetic materials on a person’s body.

The operator can quickly and easily identify any areas that may need to be cleaned before the MRI scan can begin. As a result, the Dual sensing Hand-Held Ferromagnetic Detector is an essential tool for ensuring the safety of patients during MRI scans.

Our systems are easy to use and the Detectors allow intuitive feedback through audible and visual-magnitude alerts that will operate in Zone 1, 2, 3, and 4.


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