Tactical Solutions


Innovation in defence is a constant process, because redundant technologies can quickly become a life and death liability.

That’s why we’ve ensured that some of the world’s leading innovators are included in our armoury; aligning with brands like ESS Eyewear, Surefire, 5.11 and Camelbak, which we currently supply to the NZ Defence Force.
We’re also active in the sourcing and rigorous evaluation of combat wear, with companies such as Cooneen Defence providing ever more durable and comfortable gear for the armed forces.
Through associations with industry bodies like ADS we can gain access to the latest information regarding equipment development and deployment, sharing valuable insights with you, as well as purchasing agreements with hundreds of different brands, worldwide.
Whether you require specialist procurement or volume supply in tenders and quotes we have the contacts and supply relationships to ensure that your kit is up to the challenge – guaranteed.

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