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Tailored Operational Solutions

Tailored Operational Solutions

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Maritime Interdiction

Urban Vertical Assault and Counter Terror

FROST (Fast Rope Silent Tactics)

Urban and Counter Terror Breaching and Disruption Capabilities

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Maritime Disruption

The video shows the latest SF unit to acquire Vault doing a SPIE/RTES extraction at sea. No other harness/vest offers this capability as a stand-alone solution. No other tactical harness system comes close.

Enhanced Operational Capability

VAULT – Vertical Assault User Light Tactical is a unique Torso Sub System (TSS), goes from strength to strength, providing the user with a plate carrier with enhanced operational capability:
1. 4 lifting points in the TSS and MOLLE belt with a covertly integrated sit harnesses
2. Inherent buoyancy
3. Unprecedented comfort from its Weight Distribution System and MOLLE Belt Centric design philosophy
4. A scalable soft armour solution which enhances the inherent buoyancy for handgun, fragmentation and knife threats and
5. A scalable hard armour solution protecting the user from MSC to API BZ threats. Even at API BZ protection levels the hard armour plates enhance the users ability to swim in the VAULT TSS.


Single Solution Soldier System

A number of Special Forces Units have already recognised the Unique Capability that VAULT provides them with and are now procuring the system. There are no other soldier systems which provide a single solution for:
1. Ballistic, fragmentation and knife protective armour,
2. Tactical intervention at height and
3. Inherent (55N) buoyancy for operations in Littoral Waters.


Technically Compliant Soldier System

VAULT is the most technically compliant and capable soldier system at this time and no other system offers the ability to enhance the users:
1. Lethality at height and in the water and
2. Survivability
a. Should mission intelligence be flawed resulting in an urgent need to evacuate the target over water or
b. Should a user be injured on the ropes the unique weight distribution system drastically reduces the chances of blood pooling
c. Negating the ability of a separate harness fitted over a vest to slip off of the carrier into the user’s neck

The 4 anchor points (Sternum, Abdominal, Dorsal, and Lumber) are certified to BSEN:361 12277, 358 and 813 and extreme temperature capable in accordance with STANAG 2895.

The VAULT TSS can be combined with the range of Crib Gogh waterproof swim pouches or water proof dive pouches to provide a full MI-IOPs capability.


Compliant with Safety At Height Protection Equipment Protocol

VAULT is the only Urban Counter Terror, Maritime Counter terror and Mountain Warfare Cadre solution which is certified and compliant with the Safety At Height Protection Equipment Protocol, STANAG 2895, the new HSE PPE compatibility protocol and provides a scalable buoyant, ballistic solution protection.

VAULT is a UK product, manufactured in the UK supporting UKPLC and UK Prosperity, whilst providing a unique UK Sovereign capability.

Tailored Soldier Systems to meet Mission Specific Operational Needs

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