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Zepcam T3 Live streaming Bodycam for event management

Event safety and security management through real time body camera solution

The ZEPCAM T3 Live body camera is a new and innovative tool for event management. The camera streams live video to a central command post, allowing officials to see what is happening on the ground in real time. This helps improve communication and efficiency during large events. The body camera was used during the successful Eindhoven Marathon, and showed how it can be used to improve safety and security.

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Live streaming Body Camera solution improves event situational awareness capabilities

The Eindhoven Marathon is one of the biggest events in the Netherlands, and MH Dynamic and Golazo were responsible for its successful management in 2021. A big part of making sure the event ran smoothly was the use of body cameras to live stream footage of the race. This allowed safety officials to quickly assess situations and make decisions accordingly. The live streaming also meant that viewers at home could follow the race as it happened, adding to the excitement. Thanks to the body cameras, the Eindhoven Marathon was a success both on-site and online.

The ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam is a body-worn camera that streams live video to the central command post. This allows safety officials to see what is happening on the ground in real-time, which is essential for effective communication, enhanced situational awareness, and decision-making. The bodycam also provides valuable information for risk assessment at a distance. This makes it an invaluable tool for event management and security operations.

Real-time streaming communication solution improves risk assessment by event management

The event organising team wanted a robust solution that gave them real-time feedback from their front-line safety officers to address and solve real-time problems on the ground.

ZEPCAM’s latest T3 Live Bodycam solution was picked as the essential piece of equipment for safety officials and event managers.

The ability to stream live video from the body camera allows for a crucial improvement in terms of communication and the resulting efficiency of the operation. Live images create the possibility to efficiently and instantly solve issues on the ground. Minutes of description and communication between safety officials and the Command Post, and the Command Post to chain partners becomes much smoother. With crucial live information, communication is greatly improved and leads to improved issue & risk assessment by the managers in the central Command Post.

Real-time data when it matters most

"The ZEPCAM T3 Live was very useful and had a positive impact on communication and efficiency; valuable time was saved during potentially critical moments."

Mike Hasenbos

MH Dynamic- safety operations| crisis management | training & consultancy

Real-time streaming communication solution improves risk assessment by event management

The safety officials on motorcycles were equipped with the ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam mounted onto their vests with a magnet mount. The feedback from the safety official team was that the mount was very stable throughout the day.

The ZEPCAM T3 Live was sturdy, easy to use, mount, and stayed in place on thick protective coats. Another useful feature was the LED indicators which gave clear confirmation of the one-button push activation with their thick motorcycle gloves.

It became immediately clear the benefits of the ZEPCAM T3 Live as the safety officials drove their motorcycles onto the road and started streaming live footage to the central Command Post. Despite the high speeds, uneven roads, and a variable internet connection strength, the live footage was uninterrupted and came through clearly and smoothly to the command post team.

With on-the-ground situational awareness, valuable time was saved in addressing situations, reacting in real-time, and putting a solution in place.

In one of these incidents, the safety official was moving through the marathon route to identify any issues and came across a roadblock that had affected the direction of the marathon, potentially leading to a route that could have negative health and safety outcomes and had not been assessed by the risk assessment team. As a result of the live-streamed footage, the management advisor in the Command Post instantly, and precisely, gave an emergency solution that resolved the incident and mitigated any potential risks to the event organisers.

In another instance, communication had to be quickly passed on to a chain partner to assess whether immediate action was required. The Command Post quickly pulled up live images, trimmed several already recorded video files, and sent off the footage. The incident was dealt with and the marathon continued uninterrupted.

Safety officials requested multiple ZEPCAM T3 Lives footage to pass on to their respective organisation leaders for event management training footage.

The new standard for event management using live streaming body cameras?

The experiences of MH Dynamic and Golazo in using the ZEPCAM T3 Live for the Eindhoven Marathon were very positive.

The bodycam solution was intuitive and easy to use and resulted in excellent footage. As potential issues and risks arose, safety officials on the ground could directly stream live images of the situation, leading to real-time solutions being implemented.

The live images combined with the all-in-one-platform Zepcam Manager software helped improve communication and allowed program evaluation and training after the event. This led to improved practices and training capabilities for future event security personnel.

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Zepcam T3 Live Bodycam

Your real-time eyes in the field

The ZEPCAM T3 Live bodycam is the perfect solution for organisations that need to provide live streaming video with audio and GPS capabilities to a central control room. The images can be securely viewed in real time and stored for review using the same ZEPCAM Manager Software for all three generations of bodycams. This makes it easy for supervisors to support frontline professionals and remote workers in dealing with the unexpected situations. Organisations in public safety, law enforcement, security, inspection, construction, technical services, and logistics can all benefit from the ZEPCAM T3 Live bodycam.

Zepcam T3 live bodycam


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