Tactical Solutions


Ensuring that your team is fit for duty can require specialist systems and equipment to maintain peak readiness and professionalism.

To help our clients achieve this we offer a broad selection of training aids from guidance on the safe use of disposable handcuffs through to full fitness training systems from recognised leaders in the field like Beaverfit. We also supply training batons and suits, and Blue and Red guns from quality manufacturers such as FIST so you can up-skill staff in a safe manner.
Many of the training items we supply are available to purchase from our website although ID is required for restricted items.
Our experienced staff are available to help you select from a wide range of courses and can also advise clients about the specialist overseas trainers that regularly visit Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to be informed when specialist training sessions are being organised in your region please contact us to be included on the mailing list.

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