Disaster Preparedness

Preparation is the difference between success or a crisis, life or death 

That is why we we have endevoured to make sure that all our class-leading products are unmatched when it comes to exceeding expectations when they matter most.

Our repertoir includes long term affiliations with brands that have had a proven positive impact from disaster relief in Haiti, earthquakes in Nepal to emergency humanitarian aid for Iraq, to name a few.
We offer a wide variety of equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), decontamination equipment and training throughout the whole of Australasia.


Innovation in defence is a constant process, because redundant technologies can quickly become a life and death liability.

That’s why we’ve ensured that some of the world’s leading innovators are included in our armoury; aligning with brands like ESS Eyewear, Surefire, 5.11 and Camelbak, which we currently supply to the NZ Defence Force.

We’re also active in the sourcing and rigorous evaluation of combat wear, with companies such as Cooneen Defence providing ever more durable and comfortable gear for the armed forces.  

Through associations with industry bodies like ADS we can gain access to the latest information regarding equipment development and deployment, sharing valuable insights with you, as well as purchasing agreements with hundreds of different brands, worldwide.

Whether you require specialist procurement or volume supply in tenders and quotes we have the contacts and supply relationships to ensure that your kit is up to the challenge – guaranteed.

Law Enforcement

Deployment at the sharp end of law enforcement has provided us with a genuine affinity for the requirements of the officer on the ground.

So it’s not surprising that our client list extends beyond government departments and includes individuals who want specialist items. World-leading brands such as 5.11 and Surefire are acknowledged as delivering superbly engineered products, and consequently enjoy a loyal following among officers who demand equipment that’s best of breed. Similarly, Hatch and Turtleskin are standout performers in the development of cut-resistant and needle-proof gloves.

These specialist items illustrate a requirement for on-the-ground protection that meets highest expectations, and as the go-to provider of this level of confidence we see ourselves as uniquely placed to deliver insightful advice to procurement officers at the department level.

Our extensive contacts with manufacturers who have developed equipment to meet the expectations of law enforcement bodies in the USA, which is probably the most demanding theatre in the world, ensures that individual officers and the departments that employ them will always have access to equipment and protection systems that meet expectation. 


We have been a trusted supplier of equipment and expertise to NZ Corrections for over a decade, bringing wide industry knowledge and an in depth understanding of the prison and justice environment to the procurement process across a wide range of requirements. 

As a result of this long-standing relationship we have accrued valuable insights that better inform our advisory role, leading to superior alignment of product/brand capability to tactical requirement. 

This commitment to ensuring fit-for-purpose equipment specification and supply has resulted in an on-going review of technology advances, helping us maintain NZ Corrections’ position as a responsible employer with a high regard for the safety of employees and inmates. 

From body armour for frontline staff and equipment for response teams, through to the latest innovations in checkpoint security and perimeter surveillance, we are the knowledge and supply partner with the scope and credentials to deliver. 

Local Government / Councils

We currently meet the equipment and uniform requirements of several local councils, bringing a worldwide sourcing capability to their individual and varied deployment criteria. Uniforms, boots, auxiliary pouches, protective equipment and body-worn camera systems have all been identified as required items by various local bodies. In each case we have delivered superior products that employees are proud to use.

Whether your next purchasing decision entails smart, but comfortable uniforms with a logo identifier, or a discrete camera surveillance capability for security personnel, we have the products and the expertise to help.   


Some of the councils that we equip

District Health Boards


It’s an unfortunate reality that security has to be a consideration of many health providers, and providing that protection for staff and patients in a way that’s appropriate and considered depends on having access to the correct equipment and systems.

With our experience servicing the security requirements of a wide array of government departments, we’ve been able to identify a catalogue of products that deliver proven benefits in hospital and clinic environments, and in the process gained significant experience in the tiered approach to security that most deployments entail.

From security identifiers and access controllers such as IDs and keychain lanyards, through to flashlights, needle-proof gloves and even body armour for the security team, we can supply it all. Order a one-off item for a particular requirement, or purchase in bulk for a whole department, we are the supply partner that fits the bill, we can even embroider the uniforms.


Humane Restraint is one of the USA’s leading developers and manufacturers of restraints for ‘at risk’ patients, with a catalogue of products servicing ambulatory, transboard, bed and wheelchair requirements.

Humane Restraint also has a full range of protective equipment where self-harm is a concern, with hand mitts, jackets and helmets.

The full HR range is extensive, and it is recommended that you contact us to discuss any particular requirements.    

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