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20 years of Tactical Solutions

Published: October 29 2019 | Tactical Solutions

Celebrating 20 years

On 29 October, 1999 Tactical Solutions was born.
It’s culminated into a 20 year journey that has seen Tactical grow into a company that stretches over all areas of Defence, Police, Corrections, EMS, Councils, Security and other sectors of New Zealand, Australia and most of the Asia Pacific region.
It has been an honour to serve all those front-line Guardians that keep us safe and provide them with the World’s best Tactical gear.
Tactical Solutions has also made fantastic headway in the Security and Detection sectors with gear ranging from body scanners, to walkthroughs, to specialised military ground search units, to body cameras across Airports, Courts, councils and various other sectors.
We are always humbled by the exceptional feedback that we receive and the amazing relationships that we’ve forged over the years with clients and suppliers.

Thank you for all your continued support. We appreciate every single one of you that have made Tactical into what we are today.
We look forward to bring more of Tactical to you by growing our offerings, as well as out precense in Wellington (with new offices,warehousing and a showroom), ChristChurch (Offices and warehouses) and Melbourne (Offices, Warehouses and showrooms)
We look forward to taking the next step of our journey with you.