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APSTEC SYSTEMS - Human Security Radar

Published: November 22 2019 | Tactical Solutions
Tactical Solutions is in Milipol Paris this week. An event that showcases the latest in homeland security and safety.
Apstec was one of our suppliers who were showcasing their HSR unit at Milipol that uses breakthrough technology to mass screen multiple people in real time with no disruption.
Crowded public places are more vulnerable than ever and lack appropriate protection.
Terrorists are frequently looking to “soft” targets because they are difficult to protect. Traditional checkpoint security approaches scanning one person at a time are not well suited to securing crowded places. Instead, these locations require new and innovative solutions that screen high volumes of people without undue disruption and delay.
Apstec is leading the way in providing seamless security for public spaces with HSR™.Fischer Connectors are well known in various defense, security, medical, industrial and civil engineering sectors.
The fully automatic walkthrough system uniquely combines unparalleled high throughput, speed and accuracy to deliver the most effective solution for mass people screening on the global market. HSR detects improvised explosive devices concealed on the body or in body worn bags, and firearms wherever they are carried. It uses centimeter wave and other technologies combined with sophisticated algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning to discriminate explosives and weapons from benign materials, with a high degree of accuracy.
HSR has been widely tested and recognized by numerous police and intelligence services internationally and has been used in multiple customer deployments throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia to improve security in crowded places such as entrances to airport terminals, transport hubs, stadiums and exhibition centers.
Recent examples include the G20 Summit in Osaka Japan, where Kansai International Airport deployed HSR to enhance security in the general landside areas and terminal entrances, as well as the Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland where Palexpo Exhibition Center deployed HSR to enhance security while improving the visitor’s overall experience.

About Apstec

Founded in 2003, Apstec has established itself as an innovator in the field of real-time mass people screening and threat detection technology. Backed by meticulous research and development by its leading experts specializing in the application of radio physics, electronics and software engineering to the development of technology for the detection of weapons and person-borne improvised explosive devices (PBIEDs), Apstec can boast the most mature and rigorously tested system available to the market today, the Human Security Radar® (HSR®).With patents allowed in 59 countries worldwide and the completion of numerous successful trials with leading organizations, Apstec is poised to make good on its mission to make the world a safer place.

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