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Event security and public screening in New Zealand

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Event security and public screening in New Zealand

Published: September 23 2019 | Tactical Solutions
We are proud to be sponsoring New Zealand’s Crowded Places 2019 this week. The event’s theme is “setting in motion safety and security safeguards to protect venues and events from public threats and dangerous situations.
Tactical Solutions will be exhibiting some of their detection and body camera technology during the three days. If you would like to know more or would like to have the

Event security and public screening in New Zealand

At Tactical Solutions we strive to find the happy balance between safety and giving your customer the best experience.
Since 1999 we have specialised in finding your optimal ROI positive solution for the desired level of throughput and threat detection.
Our benchmark is superior quality. Our gear must be fit for purpose, the technology comfortable to use. It must perform, when it’s needed, where it’s needed, no provisos, no compromise.
We seek out the best, proven brands, we pro-actively investigate technology advancement, we are right at the leading edge. Our customers seek us out because of this.
Tactical Solutions’ have a unique compliment of staff that have wide-reaching hands-on expertise across security, detection and tactical arenas.
Our in-country certified and trained technical engineers provide unparalleled through-life support services that are rivaled by none.
We are passionate about our partners and would love to introduce Tactical Solutions to you.
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Our New Zealand partners include:

We specialise in

  • Mass people high footfall screening
  • Body worn cameras
  • Vehicle screening
  • TCSM (Professional counter surveillance)
  • Terahertz screening
  • Full body screening
  • Aviation checkpoint screening
  • Cargo and parcel screening
  • Checkpoint X-ray inspection
  • Checkpoint metal detection
  • Portable checkpoint screening
  • Explosive and narcotic screening
  • Ground metal and mine detectors
  • Deep water metal detectors
  • Cellphone detection
  • UAV and drone detection
  • Through-wall radar

The new threat facing event security and public screening

Tactical Solutions’ understands the complexity of event management and work together with event staff and security personnel towards the safest solution.
People who attack major events are focused on public spaces.
They understand our vulnerabilities.
Every time one focuses on tightening up security at venues, we are just creating bigger and bigger crowds outside the venue. These crowds are becoming more attractive to attacks.
If you are a public organiser you shudder at the thought of the last mile.
That last mile is a good space to deploy technology and screen people before they arrive at the venue.
We take our responsibly seriously and provide complete solutions, from the security officer to securing and protection your most valuable assets.
We look forward to meeting you at Crowded Places this year.