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Long range communication with unprecedented clarity and range

Published: January 22 2020 | Tactical Solutions

LRAD long-range communication systems broadcast focused, highly intelligible voice messages over distances of 600 meters to 3.5 km. The voice messages can be clearly heard and understood inside homes, buildings and vehicles. Every LRAD system comes with a hardened MP3 player to record and playback messages on the fly or to play pre-recorded warnings, commands and messages in any language for any operational scenario. LRAD systems are rugged, man portable, easy to operate and can be temporarily mounted on patrol cars and other police vehicles. LRAD is a force multiplier when a limited number of officers are available to respond to a situation. Using safe, but powerful directed voice broadcasts, LRAD creates large standoff zones, determines intent at safe distances, resolves uncertain situations peacefully and saves lives on both sides of the Long Range Acoustic Device®.

About LRAD
Corporation LRAD Corporation’s systems use long range communication to peacefully resolve uncertain situations and save lives on both sides of its proprietary Long Range Acoustic Device. LRAD® systems are in service around the world in diverse applications including fixed and mobile military deployments, maritime security, critical infrastructure and perimeter security, commercial security, border and port security, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, emergency warning and mass notification, asset protection, and wildlife preservation and control.

Highlighted product

Lrad100x :

The Leading Portable AHD for On-Scene and Tactical Communications
In addition to featuring best in class broadcast voice intelligibility, the LRAD 100X is 20 – 30 decibels louder than typical bullhorns and vehicle-based P.A. systems. Live or recorded broadcasts from the portable LRAD 100X are heard above crowd and background noise to ensure every message is clearly delivered.
Optimized driver and waveguide technology coupled with power efficiency ensure several hours of clear, continuous communication. The LRAD warning tone safely alerts attention to the voice messages that follow, establishes large standoff zones, and is the safer crowd control alternative to non-lethal and kinetic measures.


  • Maximum Continuous Output: 137 dBA SPL @ 1m
  • Maximum range: 600 m
  • Operational range (>88 dBA): 250 m
  • Sound projection: 30°
  • Dimensions: 356 x 356 x 165 mm
  • Weight: 6,8 kg
  • Power Source: Internal battery


  • 8-hour rechargeable battery
  • Easily operated with gloves and MOPP gear
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Optional power sources
  • Simple user interface
  • Water resistant
  • HD Camera (optional)

Directionality, power efficiency and range

Highly intelligible communication up to 600 meters
Focused, directional sound pattern for targeted communication
Safely communicates beyond standoff distances to determine intent
Establishes instant acoustic standoff perimeter
Broadcasts penetrate buildings & vehicles to ensure communications are heard and understood
For more information on long range communication devices and specifications please contact us.