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Body Worn Cameras

The B-Cam systems are at the forefront of Body Worn Camera technology.

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras 

B-Cam provides essential support for personnel in the field with full-motion video and high-gain voice recording to precisely record the actions of the wearer and anyone nearby. After-event analysis of B-Cam visual and audio footage has proven instrumental in improving evidence management and delivering higher conviction rates in criminal and anti-social incidents.

The B-Cam SRU is the only body-worn camera unit that combines all the advanced features needed for military, security and rescue applications. The recoding unit itself is compact and solidly constructed, and the software that controls footage storage, cataloguing and retrieval is dependable and tamper-proof.


Body Worn Cameras


At Tactical Solutions we have spent many years creating a reputation for quality security & detection equipment.
We hold a world class portfolio of brands that are true market leaders in this category.

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The State-Of-The-Art in Body-Worn Video Cameras

B-Cam is a proven frontline device, a body-worn camera unit that combines all the advanced features needed for police, military, corrections, security, local body and rescue applications.

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Body worn cameras

B-Cam Camera is designed & field-tested to support:
• Military & Government
• Police & Fire
• Emergency Medical & Rescue
• Corporate/Private Security
• Entertainment & Hospitality
• X-treme Sports/Hobbyists

The B-Cam features a recording capacity of >8 hours and standby time of > 12 hours. Programmable video resolution options are available including Full HD 1920 x 1080 @30fps



Tactical Solutions have spent many years creating a reputation for supplying quality security & detection equipment. We hold a world class stable of brands that are true market leaders within this category.

  • B-Cam Standalone

    Suitable for 50+ Cameras

    Full turnkey solution on standalone or networked MS Windows servers. Includes secure, tamper-proof software management system. The B-Cam software prevents alteration or unauthorised access to media and data which is essential to avoid compromising evidence.

    • Extra-long lasting, removable battery
    • Rugged construction, water and shock-resistant
    • Continuous high-definition video
    • IR/low-light recording
    • Built in GPS
    • Internal memory and activity log
    • Tamper-proof security
    • Real-time video at 30 frames-per-second
    • True HD clarity with 1080p quality
    • Crystal clear, high-gain voice recording
    • Microphone designed for near and intermediate range performance
    • Infra-Red/Low-light recording to 5 metres range
    • Constructed from high-impact materials for rugged, water resistant use
    • Built-in GPS
    • Internal memory and activity log
  • B-Cam Cloud

    Suitable for 1 to 50 Cameras

    • Available as Commercial or Government Grade Cloud Based Service
    • Integrated with Active Directory
    • Content between users and the server delivered via a secure HTTPS connection
    • Secure management cloud software can be tailored to support existing business processes
    • Clean, easy to understand and customisable user/management software interface
    • Workflow processes ensure data is held in compliance with current legislation
    • Full audit and management reporting tools
    • Fast, simple search and retrieval of all digital evidence
    • Secure storage of footage
    • Fully Audited
    • Share files with local authorities
    • The cloud solution has been developed specially for Security professionals

    Leading body worn video camera with Commercial Grade Cloud Storage from only $59* per month.

    B-Cam Solution Includes:

    • B-Cam A7 Body Worn Video Camera
    • Amazon Cloud Hosting
    • 80GB of Included Storage**
    • 24/7/365 Support
    • Extended Warranty Option
    • Deployment Aids (Training and Documentation)

    The Complete, Upfront Monthly Plan.
    Affordable! From only $59* a Month.

    * Excludes Hardware costs (contact one of our Body Worn Camera specialists for more info and pricing)
    ** Storage above allocation will incur extra costs


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