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B-Cam Ltd. is a leading supplier of body-worn security cameras for military, government, police and security, with solutions deployed in a wide variety of situations around the world.

The company is at the forefront of body-worn camera technology and the Security Recording Unit (SRU) available exclusively through Tactical Solutions has a proven track record of rugged dependability and evidential reliability.
B-Cam provides essential support for personnel in the field with full-motion video and high-gain voice recording to precisely record the actions of the wearer and anyone nearby. After-event analysis of B-Cam visual and audio footage has proven instrumental in improving evidence management and delivering higher conviction rates in criminal and anti-social incidents.
B-Cam is a UK based company established in 2012. We support organisations both in the UK and Worldwide. We have successfully deployed in excess of 3000 Body Worn Cameras to front line police officers as well as numerous deployments in the security, health, retail and local council sectors.