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Silynx designs and builds best-in-class, ruggedized headset systems that seamlessly integrate with professional radios and personal protective gear to ensure clear communications while also protecting the hearing of elite warfighters, law enforcement, shooting enthusiasts, and industrial professionals. Exceptional, sleek in-ear systems and classic over-the-ear models enhance the efforts of tactical and industrial teams and help them prevail. Premium components and best-in-class engineering are vital for those who go in harm’s way. Trusted and rugged like the teams they support.

Silynx’s flagship in-ear headsets protect against impulse and steady-state noises while also enabling the user to hear ambient sounds via “hear-thru” technology, which allows users to maintain 360-degree sound localization and situational awareness. Compatible with most radios, smartphones, and intercom systems, Silynx headset systems are available with a broad range of accessories and can be used in any mission or setting—mounted/dismounted, maritime, airborne, or low-vis operations—and thrive in the harshest environments on earth.