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Full-auto illumination with SureFire IntelliBeam

Published: November 28 2016 | Tactical Solutions
SureFire’s new range of IntelliBeam flashlights and weaponlights deliver the perfect amount of illumination at all times.
The proprietary IntelliBeam technology utilizes an intelligent sensor and microprocessor system to continuously evaluate ambient and reflected light, these readings then allow the flashlight to automatically adjust light output to an optimal level for the user.

With adjustments happening in milliseconds an operator will almost never notice these changes, only witnessing a far reaching white light beam no matter their surroundings. With a minimum output of 100 lumens, there is always sufficient light to overwhelm any potential threats and maintain situational awareness in close quarters. If a user wants only full power, the switch can be rotated to allow for max output with automatic adjustment turned off.
Designed and manufactured in the United States and featuring the same far reaching beam, intuitive switching and battle proven reliability as previous SureFire options, the IntelliBeam series lives up to their best in class predecessors.
Available now from Tactical Solutions.