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Chiron Global Tech is an innovative, technology company that has developed a unique, patent-pending training and operational body armour system for Defence, Law Enforcement, Security and Corrections personnel.


Chiron Global Tech’s ‘X-Series’ is a world-leading, close-quarter combat (CQC) armour system that is setting the standard for combatives training, riot and “first-entrants” personal protective equipment. Chiron’s highly protective armour system has been designed to allow personnel to train with unprecedented levels of realism and increase the survivability of on-duty personnel.



Chiron’s flagship world-leading training armour system, the Chiron-X1TM revolutionises current force-on-force training, reducing personnel injuries while training, and helping to save lives in violent operational encounters. The unique patent-pending design enables personnel to truly ‘Train as they Fight’ using realistic high-impact forces and high-speed strikes with high levels of safety.


Manufactured from advanced composite materials the Chiron-X1TM is lightweight and agile, while maintaining high levels of protection and coverage. The Chiron-X1TM enables seamless ‘force continuum escalation’ training where personnel can easily switch from kinetic to non-kinetic training without changing equipment or suits, promoting superior levels of training realism while reinforcing correct muscle memory.


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