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Comms Tek is at the forefront of cellular RF mobile phone signal detection, offering cutting-edge solutions that can identify any device with connectivity, from mobile phones and smartwatches to laptops and espionage devices.

Their flagship product, the Hunter, is a powerful tool that boasts a wide range of features, making it both efficient and user-friendly. It can detect every cellular band globally and is adept at safeguarding sensitive environments from illicit devices.
The Scout, on the other hand, is a compact and covert detector built on the Hunter’s technology platform, designed for discreet operations and easy use by non-technical personnel. Both products underscore Comms Tek’s commitment to innovation and security.
With a stellar track record in RF electronic engineering, the company stands as a trusted partner for institutions aiming to protect their environments from unauthorized and potentially harmful devices. Whether it’s government buildings, military complexes, or commercial facilities, Comms Tek delivers unparalleled expertise and solutions.